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 Women are evil

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PostSubject: Women are evil   Mon Jun 28, 2010 2:16 pm

Once again I have proven the age old fact that all women, at base, are evil. I know that many of us men have held out in an effort to believe that this is not true. however, I am afraid it is.


Yesterday I was trying to make a friend feel better as she was having a bad day. I was joking and kidding with some small success, a few giggles here and there, but no real laughs. Suddenly she spots something under my eye and reached for it. However, she had just had her nails done and had a brand new set of acyrlics put on that added a few centermeters to her fingers. Not being use to this extra distance she squarely jams her fingernail into my eye. I of course at this time let out a manly girlish scream. I danced around a bit from the pain and as I began to get things slightly back in focus I can see that she is now in hysterics. Not the type of hysterics you would think after inserting this foreign object into my eye, but laughter. Tears are rolling down her face and she is saying over and over again while holding her stomach, "Ow it hurts".

So here is the first lesson. If you want to make a woman laugh...and I mean really laugh...jam a foreign object into your eye. They won't be able to control themselves.

Lesson number two...apparently nothing is funnier to a woman than a man she just blinding bumping into things as he jumps around in pain.

Lesson number three...After a woman claws your eyes out, do not expect to hear the phrase, "I'm sorry". Although it might actually have been said, it was drown out by all the laughter.

If this had been a man poking a women in the eye (yes, I know it would be weird for a man to have fake nails on, but lets face it....we are Horsemen), he would have been following her around saying, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I AM SO sorry, I'm sorry". However, and lesson four, all women are evil and here is the proof. Once this ended, I actually told this story to another women and her boyfriend. The man instantly scrunched up his face held his eye in compassion and said, "OH damn...I bet that hurt". His girlfriend immediatly began laughing.

Still, don't believe me.....if every woman who reads this and has laughed prior to getting to this point would leave a comment, I would appreciate it.

Warlord Jayde
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Women are evil
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